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Proof that my creative mind is not dead:

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the most intense, completely off-the-wall dreams. I keep sleeping late because of them, as they drag me down way beyond any subconscious ideas about daylight, getting up by 9, etc. I remember chunks of them, enough to know that they're way, way weird, although not nightmares or anything. Last night / this morning I dreamt something about having a pet bird that suddenly started talking to me and asking me to kill it. It was part of a much larger dream involving one of the "alternate New York City" locations I dream about, this time a NYC-meets-Babylon deal. The other night up in Elijay, I dreamt something about being pregnant (and wondering how that happened), forgetting I was, then suddenly having the baby, which had some very odd birth defects, plus this weird white cardboard box thing attached to its head. Good to know my creative mind is not dead!
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