Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Halloween @ The Healey

One of my neighbors, a chick named Stacey, just knocked on my door wanting to know if I'd be interested in a floor-wide Halloween party. It took me all of about three seconds to say yes, seeing we did that at the Metropolitan years ago and it was a spectacular success. It'll be the Saturday night before Halloween and involve a fully decorated hall with music, goodie bags, dry ice, etc., plus hopefully all units on the hall (eight total) participating. Assuming nobody on the hall objects to us throwing the party, we'll be putting out an Evite, but for now, if you're in Atlanta and want to go to a party Downtown and/or visit me, mark your calendar for Saturday, Oct. 28!

On a related note, I can't decide what to be for Halloween. Some ideas so far: original Star Trek female crewmember (would have to get a costume, looking into it...), Wonder Woman's mother (as played by Cloris Leachman), Klaus Nomi, a peacock, a Greek or Nordic goddess.
Tags: halloween

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