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Things People Search For

Every week I've got an auto-scheduled report that comes to me showing traffic on my web site, metrogirl.com. My main thing to check is most popular pages, directories (or sites, since I have it subdivided), and then the information on what sites are linking to it and what search engines. I also see what people have typed in as searches... and thereby found my site.

This week's report has some searches that are even more bizarre than usual. I guess this is a compliment on the diversity of the web site under the metrogirl.com domain (which includes a web design business, a fan zine, two fanfic sites, a condo association and more), but still, it's a bit weird.

The highlights, and mind you, these are all one-time requests, so it excludes the normal searches like "pics of atlanta ga" and "marta fares," etc.

  • umass online diary
  • child with pain under ribcage
  • slipping her feet in and out of her shoes under the desk
  • what is goo
  • want to buy portaloo
  • masturbation without stimul
  • find the thrift shop in queens
  • find info on bui
  • notations or forecasted or handbags or mentioner or manageableness
  • abuso sexual posicion fetal
  • dark folk

Some of these make sense (I understand how they would have got my pages), but others are baffling.

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