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Luckie Late Bloomer

It only took her a year to learn the joys of looking out the window. Recently she's wanted to be with me here in the office and knocked over some boxes on the windowsill to give herself some space to lounge. Lo and behold, she's now sitting there every day looking at all the people, vehicles, pigeons, etc. five floors down. Previously she only showed interest in the windows at night, which I thought maybe was because she saw bats flying by or something. She appears quite fascinated with something at the moment, probably a truck unloading. This is perfect for her, as one of her main personality traits is this constant attitude of "What's this? I must study it!" She will poke her head into anything I'm doing to see what it is, whether it's medicated foot cream or pizza or a PDA and studies any unusual behavior of mine (stretching, dusting, organizing books) like she's going to write it down in her daily report.
Tags: animals, downtown atlanta, luckie, pets

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