Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Databases for idiots

So over the past week, I've managed to design a dynamic, online photo database with category, search, paging, detail view and high-res-download functions. I did it using MySQL, CocoaMySQL, ColdFusion Server and Dreamweaver, plus a ton of online tutorials and help documentation. I should have learned this stuff ages ago but as usual I only bit the bullet because there was a project I was ask to tackle and I said I'd try. So far the system is only running on my workstation but in a day or so I'll be able to show it off to the person who asked me to do with it. I told her I was going to find something "out of the box" but I didn't so I built the thing myself. And it works!
Tags: coldfusion, computer, emory, work

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