Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Whole lotta excitement

This weekend has been a fun-fest.

Yesterday I had a super-productive day at work, then met up afterward with David. We proceeded to get drunk, eat and talk for a few hours. I got home at midnight.

This morning, I got up, cleaned the main room, went over to Caleb's for breakfast, then spent the day out at the neighborhood festival, hanging out a bit with Caleb and Daniel and David, going to visit some homes on the loft tour, and taking the piggies out to meet the people. Dinner was over at Caleb's, then we came home to watch Sci Fi, only to find there's a Heroes marathon. We wound up watching two episodes (season clifthanger, I think) and then the first episode. It was definitely way more interesting than Sci Fi's hilariously lame-ass Saturday night movies!

Tomorrow I hope to finish up some major cleaning here at home, see a few more places on the tour, and then in the afternoon I'm a tour guide on one of the tour shuttle buses. For dinner I'll be making something with the mozzarella balls I bought the other day.

And meanwhile, got the new NIN album, which rocks and rocks and rocks. This morning I listening to "My Violent Heart" 3x in a row and dancing to it, which you *must* do, I got the shivers. I haven't had that excited feeling about a song in a long time. My passion for music has diminished a bit for whatever reason but it was alive and kicking this morning for NIN!
Tags: downtown atlanta, good day, music, neighbors

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