Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

8-Bit Operators

Some albums arrive and become instant favorites. This is one of mine:

8-Bit Operators

It arrived yesterday and I've been listening to it all morning. It's a compilation of Kraftwerk covers done on old 8-bit home computers and video consoles, like Commodore 64. So it's got Kraftwerk and 80s computers. And it's a fun listen. Coooool!

I heard about this album through Caleb, who actually called me and held his phone up to the radio so I could hear NPR's profile of it. Now, honestly, I love NPR but I find their music coverage just doesn't meet my taste because apparently you have to be into middle-brow big-time. However, I was intrigued and went onto the NPR web site to get the full review for myself. And, well, I HAD to get it!

P.S. The first CD I ever bought myself was actually also based on an NPR review. It was TMBG's album Flood.
Tags: computer, music

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