Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Luckie in a Box

For the last few days, the piggies "temp box" -- where I stash them when I clean their cage or, in this case, take them out to meet neighbors -- has been lying around in the living room. It's a cardboard box that at once point was filled with Subway tomatoes. It's got a hay-covered dishtowel and some piggy poopies in there.

Anyway, Luckie seems quite fond of this box, sitting and sleeping in it no matter where I put it -- on top of the table (where she's not allowed), on the windowsill, wherever. She doesn't seem to mind getting covered in hay and hay dust. In fact, I think she likes it, just like she likes lying in Abbie & YinYang's cage. I think this is her way of being an urban barn cat perhaps?

"This is my serious face."

Meanwhile Honeykin (yeah, one of her nicknames) has been so cute all night. She's still got that playful kitten quality and is pretty easily amused. She's been acting a lot nicer lately, which I swear comes as a result of the Sofie drama. I do hope she'll keep the sweet attitude over the weekend while I'm gone. The last time I was out of town (Christmas) seems to have been disastrous and it's taken five months for her to learn to trust me.
Tags: animals, guinea pigs, luckie, pets

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