Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Montreal, 8:30 a.m.

Caleb's still asleep and made me promise to let him sleep in, so I'm trying to keep myself entertained, despite the fact I'm being tormented by the delicious odor of fresh baked bread and good coffee. Luckily breakfast is served through 11 so we'll be able to have it once we're ready. *drolls*

This city is amazing. I think Caleb and I have a favorite place to escape to for a quick weekend trip, as it's not a long flight yet you feel like you should be jetlagged from going to Europe. It's so nice to escape like that. There are pastry and bread shops everywhere and all this chocolate, too. Last night we went to a park and the whole place was filled with young people just hanging out, not even on dates, some alone, just enjoying the beautiful park or playing guitar. I loved the fact they had no "agenda." Meanwhile I saw this really, really bright star that Caleb tells me is Mercury. I swear I've never seen a planet before (supposedly so bright, but never made one out before) so I sat there staring, very impressed ;)

The proprietor just said bonjour to me up here in the little Internet lounge. Personally I"m tempted to go have breakfast by myself, then wait 'til Caleb gets up and have breakfast again with him. It smells sooooo good!
Tags: caleb, canada, montreal, travel, vacation

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