Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Vet Update

Despite Luckie's loud, mournful protests the entire way to the vet, I did indeed have her seen and the vet confirmed she has ringworm. I got some medicine and instructions for cleaning up my house to keep the problem at bay -- stupid fungus! -- and then got her home again. She was much quieter on the way back, thankfully.

I just threw a whole bunch of her things in the washer on a high temp, since I'm supposed to do a clean of anything she has a lot of contact with. Later I'll be borrowing the vacuum from Caleb's so I can vacuum the main carpet, some furniture, the little rug in the office, etc. And put sheets over the couch and chair, although I doubt that'll work since Luckie will crawl under the sheets.

Anyway, she's had her first treatment with the Tresaderm. She's attempted to wipe it off with her paw but she doesn't seem to be reaching it. (The one spot is between her ears.) Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Luckie seems to know she's due for some special attention; she keeps sidling up to me looking for extra love and making goo-goo eyes with me, like "Big tuna steak tonight? Pleeeeeeeeeease?"
Tags: animals, cats, pets

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