Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Cat Games

Luckie has a new toy. Naturally it's not something I gave her. No, it's a piece of... molding? Insulation? Weather-stripping? I'm not sure what it is, actually. It's a 2-inch long piece of hard foam with plastic around it. I don't know where it came from, unless it was maybe something left over from when I had my air fixed. She found it somewhere in the bedroom/bathroom and has been whacking it around for a few days now. She's doing the "sneak attack" game on it right now. That little white thing isn't very good at running away!

On that note, I played with Luckie an awful lot last night, mostly while I was having dinner and later while watching two episodes of Top Chef. She got more and more hyper, absolutely loving it. She was making that whirring sound she makes when she gets extra wound up. (Just heard it now as she scrambled across my bedroom floor in pursuit of the white thing.) And any time I'd stop and focus on the TV, she'd stand there in front of me making goo-goo eyes and vocalizing: "Mhreow? MHREOW! Mhrrrrrrrreow!" Not that she's manipulative or anything ;)
Tags: animals, luckie, pets

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