Wiebke (wiebke) wrote,

Mom's giftgiving

Got my birthday present from Mom this morning -- L.L. Bean insulated booty slippers. She didn't get anything in August, when it was my actual birthday month, and decided she would send a "nothing gift" until she figures out what to "really" get me. I will get that present for Christmas maybe. And I will get my Christmas present in March or April. I love Mom. I like the booties too! Now when I lose my other pair I will have a backup.

As I was just mentioning to my coworker, this sort of belated giftgiving is pretty much a tradition in my family now. My birthday comes four months before Christmas but the number of times I've received Christmas presents that were meant to be birthday presents? Happens almost every year. Mom either forgets to get something, forgets what she bought, forgets where she put the thing she bought, or forgets to send it to me. Need I mention she's forgetful? At Christmas I usually get only about half her presents, since she will lose track of all of them and then she'll find them in the spring and mail them to me. He he.

On a related note, I will never stop teasing my mom about how one time when I was in high school somebody asked her what year I was in. She was like "Oh, she's a freshman, ninth grade," and I started and said, "Um, noooo... I'm at the end of sophomore year, Mom!" Mom was so surprised. "Oh, well we better start thinking about college then!" LOL. I'm glad one of us was paying attention.
Tags: mom, parents

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