October 13th, 2002

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My birds

Being the sort of person who builds a web site for everything, I've got a site for my birds, two budgies (parakeets). Favorite activities are basically eating, fighting, singing and flying, which I guess gives them something in common with drunk pilots? They're cute little girls and hey, they have great taste in music, with their favorite genre probably early 80s New Wave :) Anyway, all that said, here is their site, with pics and (this is what digital cameras are for) little QuickTime movies:

Tigrons Pell & Cal

Fly! (Me, I'm flying to bed, good night.)
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Weird dreams of LA and Thai food

My alarm woke me up this morning and hit right smack in the middle of a weird dream. I would have liked to have remembered the whole thing. Right now the only two things I recall are:

It was a few days before Christmas and I was in Los Angeles with my family or at least the rest of the family was somewhere quite nearby. Anyway, I was with my brother Tom and some other girl giving a tour of I guess the actual Downtown and I was eagerly pressing on in this one area, where the tall buildings cleared away and there was a whole series of steps. There were other things to look at what I was determined to go this one way, because apparently because our family has some annual Christmas ritual of going to this special LA attraction/park every year (and in my head, I had memories of this, saw it!), a park with a big MGM old movie museum, a small super old-fashioned amusement park and a cemetery full of famous dead people. It was all free and that's why my family always went. So I'm dragging us that way and then right at the entrance my brother grabs me and is like, "No, we're not going there today, we're going this way." I was mad but then he told me this girl had never been to LA and there were other things to see. Besides, we didn't go to the movie star park until Christmas Eve and it was too early. I was pretty bummed out.

This dream was strange because: a) I've never been to LA, b) my family certainly wouldn't all be out there, c) that MGM thing would never be free, adn d) my family really does have a very set Christmas Eve tradition (7 p.m. church service, see world's largest Xmas tree, located in our hometown, back home for buffet and eggnog, dad hands out the ten zillion presents under the tree, we all snooze, most people leave to go to inlaws in the morning). WEIRD!

The second thing I remember was somebody taking me to Thailand. I know why I dreamt this; last night I was at a party with this woman who'd been for three weeks in Thailand and was describing everything. Anyway, wouldn't you know I was dremaing about Thai food? I was there with an Asian woman who sort of reminded me of this Filipino woman I know. She had taken me to Thailand mainly so I could sample the food. We went into what in U.S. would be a kind of deli I guess, only it was filled with strange food. I don't think it was really Thai food. The big thing to eat was all these cakes and pie that weren't sweet but more like bread, with vegetables baked in, some had fish I think. Despite the fact that I hate fish, I was looking at all of them. The woman was ordering a tray of stuff for us, wanting to have me sample the food. I was telling her about how Germany is famous for its sweet cakes but they also have these non-sweet cakes like in Thailand (um, not true, BTW, as far as I know). Finally we go to sit down only instead of booths they just have kind of old table cloths on the floor. We sit down and start to eat. Very weird stuff happens then, like I notice there are all these little Happy Meal type toys on the floor and people in the restaurant are playing laser-tag or historic war games or something. Also somewhere in the dream, I think earlier, I was talking with this guy Quimin from my work, who's from Vietnam originally I think, and he's sitting there whispering in my ear his favorite "tonal values" from Thai and it's all these clicking noises like in some African languages. He kept telling me that knowing German would help me be able to say them and I said I just didn't have that ability.

My mom used to get annoyed when I told her my dreams like this. I have a couple of friends now (one online, one real life) who really enjoy talk of dreams. Anyone here like 'em?
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People who've been reading my new LiveJournal after reading my stories or more complaining type of posts may soon start to see I'm not all angst and worry and complaining. For example, besides being overly attached to my pet birds, I can't resist posting a list to this:

Illinois town goes nuts for squirrels

It's about this colony of albino squirrels in some town in Illnois. Who could just not go, "Goo goo gah gah" over this! I see tons of squirrels over on Techwood drive here in Atlanta (they have a large colony at Centennial Place and the Tech campus) and darn, I can just imagine white ones!
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Creative withOUT my keyboard

Ooh, major diary every -- got to painting again tonight :)

Inspired by an "art party" last night and the essay I put together for next month's edition of Inception, which I prepped up in HTML and edited yesterday, I created a fresh string of mad artwork tonight. As usual, none of it came out how I intended and there's a mix of more "failed exercise" type paintings and really cool ones. My favorites were two I did of naked women (no heads) and one I did showing something along the lines of Cologne being bombed in WWII.

For anyone wondering about the style of my paintings, since it's hard to describe...

Also my Inception article for next month is already uploaded and viewable, so you can read about the whole artistic process (or mad fit) or you can just visit the gallery.

And you didn't know I painted! Ha, I don't really, just occasionally. It's like poetry, I have to be in a mood for it -- a bad on or a mad one, usually.
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