October 15th, 2002

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M. Night Shyamalan meets Legends of the Fall

Sometimes it's amazing how you can have really cool dreams in very short time periods. Like you hit the snooze button and seven minutes later you wake up and have had another dream. This is what happened to me just now this morning, only I hit the button twice and got 14 minutes of extra dream time. I dreamt up a whole M. Night Shyamalan movie in my head! It even had a surprise ending. Go figure.

I remember it was set way out someplace very mountainous and wild, which in my head I was thinking was Montana or Wyoming or somewhere. It was the kind of setting where characters could do pretty much whatever they wanted, like swim naked or shoot or whatever, and nobody would be around to stop them. In the "movie" there was this whole plot of a prophecy involving a woman, her two sons and one of their wives. The prophecy was that one day the mother would ask the two boys to go down from the mountain to get something or do something by the shore of some pond and that at the bottom something horrible would happen and the one son would fall down and start laughing, while everybody else would think it was wildly inappropriate. Well, actually it comes up this does happen, only the prophecy doesn't come true. They kind of lose faith.

Then there was a whole part of this wacky family at the top of the mountain. Somehow I created a family of rugged half-breed Italian immigrant mountain folk. The grandmother of the family was like the oldest woman in Golden Girls only she had this whole thing of trying to tell me (suddenly I was there) about her sex life. Anyway, finally at the end there was a surprise with some big hubbub or drama and the end of it was that the boys and the wife had to go down the hill. They were so wrapped up in the drama, plus other people were coming to, they forgot the prophecy. At the bottom of the hill the wife trips and miscarries the baby she's pregnant with -- or she gives birth and dies, I forget. Well, I go to one of the sons and point out that the prophecy is half-fulfilled and then he starts laughing.

God, what is that about!?
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