October 17th, 2002

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Java sacrilege

I'm here at work and for once my morning beverage has lasted all through my walk and so I have the cup here a quarter full still. Although it's certainly sacrilege against the religion of coffee, I'd have to say the Chocolate Craving is one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks of all time. The mix, as developed and perfected by my local coffeehouse, Sacred Grounds, is thus: cold espresso, dark chocolate syrup, sweet condensed (or is it evaporated?) milk, 1/8-1/4 cup ground espresso beans, and ice, all ground up in plunked in a plastic cup. It'd *sort* of like a Starbucks Frappucino only much nicer with a mega jolt. It is so sweet and yet it's strong as heck, as the cup on my desk now illustrates, with the remaining 1/4 basically a wet lump of coffee grounds. Mmmmm.

My one regret: It's almost the end of frozen drink season. With fall temperatures finally arriving, along with some serious wind, my hands are getting too cold to be holding an iced drink on the walk to work. Soon I will be turning to steamed milk or hot apple cider. Coffee in the morning? Never.
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So I possibly may be going to Germany again. (My friend) Caleb has been begging to go back ever since we landed back in Atlanta a month ago. With air fares to Europe so sickeningly low, we have been doing some monitoring. Yesterday Caleb saw that Lufthansa is offering RT to Frankfurt (direct flight) for only $250. He was excited and going to buy tickets but then he realized that with taxes the cost is $400. I still say that's incredible and if I find us cheap hotels (as opposed to this Sept. when I was awfully darn splurgey just not caring how much we paid), the whole trip wouldn't set us back much. We would be going in March probably. Definitely not good weather but then again, that's why we have coats, which anyway we saved from growing up in New England. Mmmm, I really want to go -- more shopping at H&M, more opportunity to watch MTV Germany (esp. German rap videos!), more lovely crowded cities with actual transit, more hot guys with tight pants and women on bikes who look as geeky as I do :) I need to bug Caleb about this before we miss the sale.
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Pomegranates and Corn

Thought: Am I the only one who spends time wondering if somehow, through some very strange path of evolution or ancient trade or alien intervention or heck, God (!) POMEGRANATES and CORN are related?????

The reason I ask is, it's pomegranate season again and I've been having a lot of them. Every time I eat one, I just think how a pomegranate is just like really, really deformed, sweet, red corn growing inside a red Christmas tree ball made up old orange peels.

The kernels are so similar, only corn is white or yellow and tastes like corn, while pomegranate is red and soury sweet (and tends to squirt a lot of purple juice).

Ack! Can you tell I only have 15 minute or so left at work... not enough time to really WORK on stuff? LOL, guess I have to work on this pomegranate, as I'm only half way through it...
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