October 18th, 2002

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Writer's Vent


OK, pressing that A key really is not doing it for me. I am feeling like a frustrated writer. No coincidence, since that's what I am!

I've been working on an original story which I plan to work into a book but however much enthusiasm I have for it and how desperately I want to get along with it, it seems this week is just NOT the week! Sunday I was at the writer's group I go to and went over the first chapter a second time (they loved it and I got more feedback), so I got all super enthused and then Monday I managed to write more, but three days in a row I've been kept from writing any more.

Tonight I have been plagued by incessant emails from clients and/or technical support replies coming in relation to those clients. I don't know why but for like 2-3 weeks, ALL my customers are either wanting site updates, wanting me to teach them how to do updates, wanting me to set up email or special stuff for them OR they're having technical issues that require me to be the go-between for tech support at their hosts and hold their hands, explaining all the "technical stuff." I swear, I think I've fixed something and I'll go to my story to write and PING another one comes.

Thought: Shut the stupid email off and tell every to f' off. Do all work within set time period, not just... all night. Oooh! Concept!

Sorry, people, I am just being grumpy. Grump, grump grump.

Want to see something more positive? I really love the story I'm writing :) This weekend, I WILL finished chapter 2 (these are novel-length chapters, so that's about 25 pages single-spaced) and the thing will be well underway. Whoo hoo! Writing original stuff is HARD but I have faith that even if this book ends up sucking, the act of doing it will clear me to do something truly cool NEXT.
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Roger Recommends Roger

Even though I don't go out to the movies much at all, I have Roger Ebert's web site bookmarked for weekly visits. I just love this guy's reviews. Not only is his head filled with scads of amazing movie history and background and not only is he smart, but he's a guy who is obviously passionate about movies and isn't shy about showing it. I like the fact that for all he knows about movies, he's not afraid to enjoy a "guilty pleasure" movie or a movie that is superficial but hey, very good for its genre.

Anyway, all that said, there's a review of Michael Moore's new documentary, Bowling for Columbine here and it's really, really making me want to go and find someplace here in Atlanta where it's playing. I hope it goes some regular theater but it might not. May have to see it at some LeFont theater or maybe GSU Cinefest. Sounds great though, picks up on points that have been bothering me for years:

Noting that we treasure urban legends designed to make us fearful of strangers, Moore notices how TV news focuses on local violence ("If it bleeds, it leads") and says that while the murder rate is down 20 percent in America, TV coverage of violent crime is up 600 percent. Despite paranoia that has all but sidetracked the childhood custom of trick or treat, Moore points out that in fact no razor blades have ever been found in Halloween apples.

Ebert's review comes with a note where he attacks the ratings system yet again:

Note: The movie is rated R, so that the Columbine killers would have been protected from the "violent images," mostly of themselves. The MPAA continues its policy of banning teenagers from those films they most need to see. What utopian world do the flywheels of the ratings board think they are protecting.

Right on, Roger!
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