October 19th, 2002

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a day in the life

ok, now here's an idea!

why not put in an entry that actually shows what i did today. not exciting stuff, but mundane stuff. some cool stuff too i guess. the main point is just so i can record a pretty ordinary day and share it. i certainly have some spectacular days and days where i don't get out much, but today was in between.

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i promise this will not be regular feature of my lj, just for some reason i want to record an ordinary day, as opposed to a really awesome, awesome day or a day of dark depression and mental anguish. this was on the pretty good side i guess.

now to inspire reaction maybe... what was you day?
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Remember back when everybody, even professionals and corporations had a "home page" with lists of links, like "My Favorite Links" or whatever? I'm not talking about "related" links (like my vampire site linking to Marius fan fic) but people or companies just listing out links they thought were cool, be they wacky or practical. Anyway, as a tribute to those days and since I'm not really updated this page anymore and heck, I just noticed quite a few sites in my bookmarks... :)

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Winter in Downtown Atlanta

Rummaging around on my hard drive, I found the draft of an editorial I wrote which appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a couple of years ago. It's one of my favorite short essays and shows my love of Downtown Atlanta, not to mention the specialness of our"winters." The essay also worked well as a way to give people a positive, personal look at Downtown, as opposed to reading about development, pandhandling, policing, the condo market, etc. Things have changed somewhat (no more Downtown movie theater, for example), but I still like this essay and Downtown.

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