October 20th, 2002

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Read 'em and weep!

Oh, dear, just found this...

The Random Goth Lyric Generator

Here's a sample (random):

by Alien Hypo

She kisses cringing impudence
Serpents shroud yearning treachery
Rats regret midnight webs
Evil ascends unfathomable divide

The mask entangles helpless graves
Everything clings to inner soul
Persephone engulfs bloody manacles
Spirits whisper incessant treachery

My lust engulfs red eclipse
Pyres regret lugubrious sepulchre
Spirits murder desperate beauty
Blazing pinions murder midnight addiction

She quivers dark tears
Wolves slice lugubrious divide
Blazing pinions eviscerate lugubrious deception
The spider desires yearning manacles

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Con tributing

Well, I guess my LiveJournal really shouldn't be about me bragging, but I am pretty darn proud of myself. Why? Well, as part of my fan/friend relationship with author Storm Constantine, I've been helping her out with various things including Grissecon, the first-ever Wraeththu fan convention, which is being put in in October next year in England. Help has consisted of idea generation, volunteering to run a work workshop (thus earning title of Special Guest, plus free registration and hotel), and doing all sorts of promo work (mostly lots of posts to boards, groups and usenet).

Anyway, the other day Storm and I were emailing one another and I suggested that for publicizing the con, we really, really to improve that part of her web site. The way they had it, it was just all this info but not really organized, plus half of it was outdated, since they'd add new stuff to the top and just leave the old stuff below, some of which was still correct, but some of which was older and contradictory.

So I made a suggestion that it should be fixed, the home page should feature it more, etc., and so Storm says I should talk to the webmaster, who I also correspond with. Well, you know what happens when you volunteer advise -- you end up doing it :) So I ended up going through and re-doing all the verbiage on the pag and then re-doing Storm's main bio on her home page, something she'd asked me to do months ago and I hadn't gotten around to. So YAY! Today the whole thing was updated -- http://www.stormconstantine.com -- and you can see my handiwork. (And Storm emailed me today and said it's fab and "xxxxx." LOL). I just love Storm... so anything is worth it for me :)

Oh, and look at this wonderful banner for the con, which I did not design -- that was the illustriouus Ruby:

Whoo hoo! I am so excited about this con.
ice cream

So I bet you didn't know...

...that it takes like an HOUR to clean a budgie cage. My God. Caleb rags on me that the thing gets dirty but whoah, when I actually thoroughly clean it, seems to take forever. However, the birds seem very VERY happy about it, especially since I rearranged all the perches and whatnot, which to birds is like a MAJOR EXCITING event -- sort of like the conclusion of TLC's "Trading Spaces" or "While You Were Out" where the homeowners see their redone living room or bedroom and go, "Ohhhhhhh, I LOVE it!" (except without the tacky interior decor; my birds are tasteful).

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