October 21st, 2002

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Dear Diary

Every Monday without fail I real a special feature in the NY Times called "Dear Diary." It's a reader's collumn with usually around a dozen anectdotes from readers. Most of them are about life in NYC, esp. things that happen on trains, buses, city streets, parks, museums, things overheard at restaurants, etc. The wit and insight of this collumn outshines a lot of stuff put out by professionals. Since you have to register to read the Times, I can't just link, so instead every week I'll put a bit of that diary in this diary. Here is my favorite for today:

My husband and I were walking around SoHo one weekend and came upon a gallery window that caught our interest. We were admiring the art and found a little box in the right-hand corner. It said, "Put your palm here for more information."

So I put the palm of my hand in front of the box, thinking, "Isn't modern technology great! That little box is going to beam some light that contains an e-mail address or possibly a phone number to the gallery so I can contact them directly without having to go in." But nothing was beamed to the palm of my hand. My husband tried as well. We moved our hands all over the front of the box, looking for something to appear. Nothing.

After what I'm ashamed to admit was a full minute or two, we realized that the box was saying to put our Palm Pilots in front of the box and it would download the gallery information into it.

We looked at each other and walked away as fast as we could.

You may be wondering — or have already assumed — our age. Let me tell you: we're in our very early 30's.

- SuJin Oh

- "Dear Diary," NY Times, Oct. 21, 2002