October 22nd, 2002

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50 Things About Me -- Before College (Part 1)

Following almostnever's lead and because I had a really BAD night and needed to just do something "purgeful" for a couple hours, I've gone ahead and written up a really long list of 50 random bits about me. almostnever did 100 but this is so long, I'm finishes up later. Nobody would ever read 100 of them anyway! Yikes! Oh, about the "before college" thing, I thought I needed to limit range, as otherwise it would be too hard and probably I'd verge into too much TMI territory :)

Anyway, to avoid hogging space on people's "Friends" lists I am putting the text of this list below.

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This list continues in the next post.
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From the fringe... "Why Did 9-11 Happen?"


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Yeah... I guess all those faggots are to blame for it all :(

Oh, and another thing is, this is a very odd letter to be originating from Bennington, VT (if in fact it does), as anyone who's ever been there [raises hand] can attest.


(Oh, excuse me, blasphemy.)