October 29th, 2002

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Live from Disneyworld!!!!!

While it's true irony and cynicism are vastly overused, being in Disneyworld triggers usch powerful eruptions of both in me, I just can't help wanting to share a few musings...

- So I'm waiting for the Disney shuttle bus back to my hotel (the Swan & Dolphin mega complex) and I realize that in contrast to all the happy people around me, I've just bought two Morrissey CDs and am reading the lyrics for "Every Day Is Like Sunday" ("How I dear wish I was not here...")

- Not that it's all bad. There is a Virgin Megastore (with CD readers!) and I had really good Cuban food (and Latin dance music) at that place on Treasure Island. Other perks: air in Florida has that amazing "conditioned" feeling; got to see fireworks outside my hotel window; all the service people are very nice and conscientious without being annoying.

- Back to cynicism, howeer, I find myself wondering how many hundred (thousand?) square miles of Central Florida this place takes up. Does anyone know? The last time I was here (twice in 1997), I didn't go around except to walk to Downtown Disney, but this time I had to take the bus across the park and I swear it was like going across a county!

- Re the conference itself, yesterday I went to a series of developing applications with PHP and URGH!!! had the classic amazement/irritation that it was me and like 100 MEN -- sort of like when I see a breakdown of the U.S. Senate.

- Very VERY glad my parents never considered going here on vacation, now that I think about it. Sure, everyone else dreamed of going to Florida, but the Canadian wilderness was far more suitable to my family.

- Adjectives to describe this place: sanitized, bizarre, contrived, landscaped, fantastical, utopian.
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My subconscious sense of humor

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'd had a dream about filling out one of those stupid survey/quiz things you see all over LJ. The one I did was to determine your age group (Gen X, Boomer, etc.). Well, I did it and the result was:

Congratulations, you're a Calcium-Block Builder.

LOL, has anyone ever heard that one or did I make that up?