October 30th, 2002

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warning: self-pity


so i'm here at this macromedia conference and they have this thing where you can get certification testing for all the various products. i wasn't planning to but then i talked to a couple of people and found it you only have to get 70 percent to pass. then i realized today that i had a session i could miss and take the one for dreamweaver. what the heck right? it's $100 and i get certified and can tell my boss, put it on my resume, my web design business web site, tell clients, etc. i went to the sign-up and inititally only went to get info but they convinced me to take it. i was nervous but finally took it and i FAILED. uuuuuuuuuuuuugh!

i am not used to failing tests, esp. tests on stuff i do every day. it was quite annoying as quite a few questions i got wrong i would have gotten right if i'd had the program open and was USING it. i just paid $100 to be told i am not competent enough to be certified in a program i use every singel freakin' day. normally i test really well in everything (no problem with multiple choice) but not this. when i got my results, i wanted to just burst out in tears. i felt like such a damn loser! i don't think i will tell anyone at work even, as it's too damn embarrassing. maybe i will study and learn the stuff i know i missed and take it later... but for now i am just in that bummed out, rejected mode like when yale rejected me.

my friend bridget (mercredi) is sympathetic to me on this and i know it's really not something to worry about, but argh, i am sorry i let those testing people get hope in my head i could pass. i wonder how many people fail.
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never though i'd be so glad to be back in atlanta

i am back in town.

thank you!

i have so much to do, i'm tired, i don't want to have to go to work, and i'm woefully behind on macromedia technology, but at least i am back in my own place with my birds, my own internet access, my own clothes, washer/dryer, own fridge, no more disney or restaurant food or flashing my convention badge... oh, and no more riding various and sundry forms of transit (in last six days: MARTA, Delta (4 flights), Boston T, Boston commuter rail, Airtran (2 flights), airport shuttle (twice), Disney shuttles (twice), charted conference tour buses (twice)... yeah, i am just GLAD to be back!