November 2nd, 2002

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Involuntary Simplicity

Just when I'm finally HOME again and eager to catch up on personal projects (including prepping myself for my potential new job "talk" Tuesday), yesterday I came home from work to find my building (a high rise, for those who don't know) is without power. Thursday a contractor cut a water condensor line on the 11th floor and although that caused some flooding and damage to a few floors and our elevator lobbies, everything seemed fine... until one of the transformers blew or the wiring went fizz crackle pop or whatever. Now, aside from some emergency lighting in the halls, stairwell and lobby, we're out of juice, so I've had to kiss goodbye to any plans for doing anything related to electricity -- and that cuts out a lot of plans. I was OK with this until around an hour ago, when I hit the 24-hour mark and started to feel rather annoyed and bored. I've made the most of the day so far I guess, having my usual coffee with the neighbors, getting a shower at Caleb's, buying a book on ASP, having some sushi, cleaning most of my house (the last hour, via candlelight!), but now I am rather fed up. I'm thinking I may wander off to some hotel around here and read in some lounge, then go to a party I've been invited to. If I wake up tomorrow and I'm still juiceless I guess I will be (at long last) forced to address my office and all the bills and papers I've needed to deal with for a long time. Maybe this is for the best, even if it doesn't feel like it.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering (doh! and you would be), I'm over at the Kinko's a block from my house. I was just going nutso and needed to vent and surf, even if they are ridiculous expensive (why can European Internet cafes charge only 2.5 euros an hour and here it's... well, never mind, I'm too embarrassed to say).