November 4th, 2002

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NY Moment

Got another Metropolitan Diary entry (from the NY Times) to share. I can totally picture it:

Dear Diary:

One recent Saturday, my wife and I were riding on the subway from Queens to Manhattan. The car was half full.

A young man who appeared to be in his early 20's, carrying a bag from a local department store, got on the train with his mother.

All of a sudden he took off his shoes, emptied his pockets and took a new pair of pants out of the bag. He proceeded to take off his old pants and put on his new ones. ( He was wearing boxer shorts.) He complimented his mother on the perfect fit of the pants.

The only person who said anything was one older woman, who was taken aback. The rest of us went on with our conversations, reading etc.

If this is not New York cool, I don't know what is.

-Ed Skolnick

I've changed my shoes on MARTA, but never my pants. Meanwhile, sometime I ought to list out all the weird stuff I've taken on public transit.
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Freight shipping on MARTA

As promised, here's a list of assorted oddities I've brought onto MARTA (Atlanta's public transit and "my limo"). Some are more normal, others are a bit odd. To add some color, I'd included little stories w/them.

2-draw Filing Cabinet
Bought this at the Container Store on Peachtree Road in Buckhead, definitely not the most transit-friendly location. Caleb went with me and together we carried it a couple "blocks" up to the Buckhead MARTA station, then down the stairs to the platform, where everybodys stared at us, mainly because I think they thought the file cabinet was full. So we took it on the train and down to Five Point, where we transferred to the East Line over to Inman Park / Reynoldstown (this was our first apartment).

Antique Dining Room Chair
Bought this at an antique market in Chamblee, carried it down from Peachtree Industrial and onto the train platform. Naturally with all the suburban transit newbie type who get on at that location, I got stared at. I also got smiles and remarks like "Oh, that's smart -- bringing your own chair instead of sitting on these dirty benches!" I took it on the train but although I was tempted, did not sit on it while on board.

Antique Mirror and Oil Lamp
Picked these up at an old house in Grant Park I'd help empty out as part of a volunteer program. The owner of the house had died and all the contents were being sold or given away to charity. I'd spotted the mirror and lamp and put dibs on it. The director of the volunteer program met up with me and afterward I went over to the bus stop, where I caught quite a few eyes as I stood there on the corner with the lamp looking I guess like Diogenes. Once on board the bus, I was concerned about spilling oil but kept it under control. Tranferred to train after that and didn't spill a drop then either :)

Computer (NOT a portable!)
Back in the days when computers didn't automatically come with CD-ROMs and modems, I had to have a bunch of upgrades done to my machine. The only place I knew that did such work was up on Amsterdam Avenue in Midtown. To get there I had to take the train on the East Line, then up to North Ave., then take a bus. Quite a hassle and to boot, I had to put my computer in my two-wheel shopping cart. To keep it protecting from jarring impacts and rain, I put it in a plastic bag and stuffed a blanket and pillows in with it. People totally wondered what I had in my cart, it looked kind of ragamuffinish. Actually on one occasion this conscientious Christian asked me if life on the street was hard. I look at him and said, "You know, I had a computer in here that cost almost $1500." LOL

There are other random things like oterh things I've bought in stores (broken-down 1950s bicycle) and food items (like potluck supper food, pizza) and costumes :)
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