November 5th, 2002

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We're doomed

Allow me to say, since it's fresh on my mind after watching a bit of CNN, that if "we" end up sending troups into Iraq, they will never get out. Even if half the country gets up in arms about it with WHO style protests, Bush and all the others who have forged the path to war will not go back because politically, they can't go back, at least not according to the paradigms we know they will stick to. I am not old enough to remember Vietnam (it officially "ended" a few months before I was born) but I have read enough history to know that this is a sick repeat only set in an even deadlier time. Truly dreadful.
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Cool Blue

Two and a half years working at an institute of applied technical engineering research, combined with being a geek means I find this article quite cool :)

The Color of Cool
Why does so much tech gear suddenly glow blue?
By Andrew Raskin, November 2002 Issue

Best quote: So that's really the answer. The appeal of blue lights is less about science than about branding. Like the Romans' imperial purple that was made at great cost from mollusk glands, blue light is so attractive because it is unavailable to the masses. It feeds off the same aura of exclusivity as a Fendi F on a handbag or a jaguar on a car hood.

He he, I definitely have noticed this trend. But industrial design is a pet love of mine, so there you go.
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Linux geekiness

Ut oh, I must be in an especially geeky mood today... here's another tech article! Gosh, I'm a Slashdotter!

Linux for the Rest of Us

With the long-awaited emergence of dirt-cheap new applications, the desktop alternative to Microsoft finally has emerged.
By Erick Schonfeld, November 2002 Issue

This is basically an article on how Linux is finally rising up and soon may be more popular as an OS than Mac! I still haven't actually used any of the open source Linux type tools but I could certainly appreciate this bit:

...Hudson, for instance, needed a desktop OS that would run the company's cash register, employee scheduling, and inventory-control systems. He also needed a browser that would link easily to the company's intranet, an application that would easily open spreadsheets, an internal e-mail system, a calendar, and contact programs. Setting up all of that using Windows machines running Microsoft Office and Outlook would have cost Zumiez more than $500 per computer, or a total of about $50,000. But after experimenting with programs like Ximian Evolution, Hudson found that, with the exception of point-of-sale software, he could simply download everything he needed, free of charge. "Now we can do a whole bunch more stuff without investing more money," he says.

Whoo hoo!

Man, and of course today I had my interview and got to explain ASP to a non-techie. Did well, I think!
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Euroghetto CDs Arrive! and other happy new

After waiting like seven weeks, I now happily have the German rap and R&B CDs I ordrered from That's right, I can now enjoy the extremely weird white funk techno rap of Deichkind ("Limit"), the 80s throwback sound of Massive Tone ("Cruisen," which is sort of missing something w/o the video of German rappers in their Mercedes), and the TLC-like Joy Danalane doing "Was Auch Immer." Also got a free sample of Nestle instant Vanilla Cappucino mix :0)

This afternoon has actually been pretty good overall:

First I made James, the student asst. I work with, really happy by emailing him a job I came across. Poor kid is graduating in December and totally desperate for a job at this point.

Afterward walked through pouring rain in order to drop by my local polling place, where I got to use Georgia new super cool touch-screen voter machines. They seem very user friendly, and not just because I'm geek... or so I hope.

Back Downtown, I got the CDs along with a reminder my automatic deposit paycheck goes in tomorrow (just in time to pay credit card in full) and not one but TWO invites (for two) to the opening of a new fancy seafood place over in CNN Center.

Then just now, while enjoying my CDs, I got a call from BellSouth. Naturally they wanted to bug me about getting their high speed DSL or whatever but being a snot, I told them I didn't require their services, as I have a service from a local company that's faster than DSL -- a building-wide T1 type network that transmits a wireless signal and gets me a hookup at 1238 kbps. And the cost of it is built into my condo feees, just like my Direct TV.

I'm Cruisen....
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I just posted this comment to tritium's LJ, thought I'd repost it here. My election thoughts at about midnight Tuesday -- in response to tritium, who said: "FUCK! They just called Georgia for Saxby Chambliss."

I second that FUCK! And maybe toss in a few more...

Like one for HELLO! us possibly having a new Republican governor. Having a Republican governor up in Massachusetts was OK, but that was only because a Republican up there is often a liberal Democrat down here.

Throw in another one for Vermont possibly having a Republican governor as well...

Then there's the fact that Douglas Dean, my state rep., once again got voted in w/o a challenger on the ticket, despite the fact that he is wholly incompetent. Ditto for my commissioner with Fulton County, Nancy Boxhill. Meanwhile my state senator is a slimy and beat out a friend of mine so I will never like him...

And hell, I don't care how well it's done, CNN / is just friggin' annoying... to me they make the whole Republican / Demo / Other thing into a sports thing. What the heck, did they grab all the guys from ESPN to come work for them????

Aaargh. Yeah. F word is working for me.

At least I VOTED though. I'd feel like a serious turd if I hadn't.