November 6th, 2002

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The morning after

So this morning I woke up to find that for the first time in 130 YEARS, Georgians have elected a Republican governor. Georgia is the only state that did not have a Republican governor even once in the twentieth century. I wonder how fast the new governor can kill our just barely begun regional transit system...

Meanwhile Georgia now has a Republican senator, as Max Cleland lost. I will miss him, as I found he voted like I would if I (shudder!) were in the Senate.

Saw Trent Lott gloating on CNN this morning...
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Big and juicy

I think I may be repeating a very ancient proverb but today learned:

The bigger the pomegranate, the sweeter the seeds.

Mmm. There are no doubt other related proverbs I could create based on today's experience (with a big one I got at Kroger, of all places) but they are probably obscene :)
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Lately my geekiness and sense of (naughty) humor have been fusing but the giggle I just had is a bit much...

I was writing out an email to my boss about search engine submissions, explaining why one of our web sites was not doing so well.

I explained that Excite and Yahoo! and MSN have gone to a "paid submission" system.

Naturally rereading the email, I started thinking about how "paid submission" sounds rather kinky and then, in addition, web search engines are sort of like pimps. You give them money for submission and/or gratification of your needs, but results are not guaranteed, it's sort of shady...

Ah, nevermind, I'm just hyped up with pomegranate right now.