November 8th, 2002

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The other day I posted 34 years ago, Nixon was elected. Well, 42 years ago ago today, JFK was elected. My dad was much happier about Nixon and I think he must have been a happy man this past Tuesday. Dad closely resembles Archie Bunker, BTW, and Mom is Edith. I'm not kidding either.

Oh, and BTW, there is going to be a peace march and rally this Saturday in Atlanta. Goes from the King Center (yeah, that'd be the MLK Center) to Centennial Olympic Park, so basically it runs right by my house. Seems inevitable I will either be there or run into it. I just sent out an email via my neighborhood listserve.
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Reprisal Comes Instantly!

So I sent out a note about the peace rally on my neighborhood listserve. There are about 250 subscribers and I send out events, news, announcements, etc., on a daily basis. I tell people about entertainment events, public hearings, new restaurant openings, groups at the library, fundraisers, martial arts classes -- anything that goes on. So it's not like sending out an event notice was something unusual. Anyway, like 20 minutes later I get this email from complaining about it saying "I know this is in our neighborhood but if this had been a pro-war march, would you have sent it out? If not, then this is a waste of space." I have tried to think up a good response to that but I can't do it because frankly I'm too pissed off. I mean, the fact that this guy is a gay Republican (yeah, I know...) is irritating enough but specifically bitching about this one thing? Sheesh, if I sent out a listing for some special club night he'd be OK, but promoting political agendas? Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me!
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it better not get worse

today sucks.

reasons why:

  • didn't get enough sleep. again.
  • didn't have solid breakfast. ate yogurt instead.
  • my frozen liquid crack coffee treat was too strong even for me. spoon 2-3 tablespoons of ground espresso beans into your mouth and swallow. then you'll know what i mean.
  • java developers at work decide i am their secretary for the day and/or make sexist comments to me and my supervisor like "do you have any wrapping materials in here? i only ask b/c women always have everything in their purses" (to which me and supervisor stare blankly, then i wave my green vinyl wallet at him.)
  • developers have me doing changes to a flyer for a conference, then updating whole web site for a product, then they wanna redo all our conference posters... and last week they told me "all we want is a couple tweaks, no biggie"
  • home business client sent me like 12 jobs to post to her web site TODAY but she sent AFTER i left to work and i can only update her site from home, since i don't have the access codes here
  • workmen mysterious appear to tweak our air system, end up pulling out thermostat in wall right next to me, drop wire inside wall by mistake, situation disintegrates from there
  • have huge headache
  • went to quizno's for a sub, tried special low fat chicken one (today was a meat day), which turned out to be ungodly spicy, at least to these extremely "northern" taste buds
  • headache worse after eating
  • still haven't talked to my supervisor about imminent and/or long-term employment status... scared she will freak out

on the other hand, it could be worse. i have a job, food, clothes & health, i don't live in a warzone either. i can read, write, do some math too. better than a lot of humans. on average at least.
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about cnn...

any time anyone gets annoyed at cnn and sends bad vibes towards atlanta, remember that:

a) cnn headquarters is just a 5 minute walk from my house, so don't be too nasty

b) some cnn broadcast, like "american morning" originate in new york, not atlanta

c) you should feel lucky cnn exists, which it may not for much long, seeing as they are likely to soon merge with abcnews