November 12th, 2002

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Things That Made Me Miserable When I Was Young

I've decided to start raiding my files for old stuff that might not be on disk anymore but is stored in the many folders worth of papers I keep.

Here is something I wrote sometime around senior year of high school or freshman year of college. Kind of goes along with that whole "50 Things About Me" list I did a couple of weeks ago.

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BTW, when I say "young," I mean elementary school.
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I woke up 1 1/2 hours late today.

The coffeeshop was out of chocolate syrup for my drink so I had to have them use.... gah!.... white chocolate.

Walking to work.... gah!... I got rained on.

I had a staff meeting and... gah!... they told me my presentation was too long (not my fault, project updates took half the meeting).

Now I have to work. On stuff like a the web site for lab with research projects called "Transforming Helicopter Cockpits with Human Factors Research," "Electronic Countermeasures Analysis," "Countermeasures Technique Development," etc.

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See what Wiebke deals with

Back when I worked for the state gov't, I dealt with a sh*tload of bureaucratese. Now I am faced with pages and pages of techno jargon -- oh, and better year, military techology related techno jargon. Here are some samples:

The iterative process first requires proper initial configuration of the models to meet requirements for the specific evaluation task to be performed. These models and simulations provide analysts with a variety of engineering and engagement data that are evaluated and checked against fundamental principles to verify and validate the outcomes the tools predict. Key parameters in the models are varied to study sensitivity of the techniques to the overall outcomes. Once the output of the models and simulations is determined to be producing accurate results, production data runs are executed and the results analyzed.

SPAM -- the Self-Protection Analysis Model -- is an electronic warfare model written in the FORTRAN language. SPAM simulates the one-versus-one (or two-versus-one) encounter of an airborne target employing various electronic combat assets against a radar-guided threat weapon system.

Often, our research teams are called upon to perform on only one or two of the stages to support a specific government program, a proposed industry product or an upgrade to an existing program or product. For example, in the world of radar guided weapon systems, typical threat systems include Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) systems, Air-to-Air missile systems and Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA) systems.

Hopefully within a month I will only be here 4 days a week. In six months, I will hopefully switch to only one day a week. The less I have to deal with this stuff, the more I like it. Ugh.
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Protesting dietary change

I've been forced to go back to the disciplined path of Winter 2002, foresaking dairy and sweets. Right now I'm suffering through the same curse I faced back then, the period of dietary adjustment during which I feel like knawing my own leg off, I get so hungry, craving fat and sugar. Last time it took a couple of weeks. At the end of it, however, I swear my stomach shrunk, as I literally could not eat more than one portion of food without feeling sickened and I could turn down sweets easily because I knew I'd feel anyway. Not that I won't have any "bad" stuff in my diet since that's utter rubbish as a means of dieting, but at least at first I need to go cold turkey and pull my body off its little addictions.
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