November 13th, 2002

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These moms shouldn't be moms

Um, excuse me, but even though there are some fertility assistance things (like surrogacy) that don't bother me, this CNN story...

Study: Post-menopause pregnancy OK

bugs me. I mean, OK, I see the doc's point about how it could be ageist to deny women this choice (getting pregnant after menopause, using donor eggs), but on the other hand, HELLO! even with increasing life spans, I really don't like the idea of 50 year old women having kids. My mom was 39 when she had me and in my opinion, that is the limit, or should be. I mean, growing up with your parents constantly nodding off on you and being hopefully older, even if they are nice grandparents... jeez, that's a bit problematic. Not that I'm being black and white here or saying it COULDN'T work out or that it hasn't worked out for other people (being older parents), but doing it on purpose like this seems rather foolhardy.
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Am I ever going to get to go to bed at a decent hour?

It seems that every friggin' night, I end up staying up until 1, no matter my plans.

Tonight I thought I had it all under control but...

Got home from work, 20 minutes later had to go to my neighborhood association meeting, where we had our annual elections. I ran the election, got elected (well, appointed) secretary, we got a new president. Meeting went from 6:30 to 8:30.

After the meeting, I was talking with a couple neighbors (including past and new president) and they invited me to dinner with them. Ended up at Icon until around 9:30. Nice chat with them, good food, past president paid for me -- sweetheart, as I had no cash.

Got home finally and immediately had to send out the minutes for the meeting, including an election wrap up and all the other announcements. That took me until around 10:30.

Then I started on web site updates and that's where I got off track. First I updated the neighborhood site with the election stuff. Then I emailed the new president some things. It was probably 11 when I was done that.

At that point I got a GOOD distraction, which was finding that my friend Mercredi had posted the latest chapter in her fan fic, which I'd beta read. It was awesome even raw, now it's WICKED awesome :)

Anyway, then I had some other various neighborhood emails to get out, who knows, and then got an email from a client named Mary Anne about a billing thing we're working out, went to look into that. She said to call if I was up so I did, only to realize it was a different client than I'd thought. This was the president of ZAMI and so I had to shift gears and talk to her about their bill, plus update her on what I've been doing (we're friends), have a friendly chat. I got suckered into agreeing to go to benefit dinner type of thing. I got off the phone with that around midnight!

After that I had to generate a couple invoice related to that and email her and the other Mary about their billing status.

Then I had another client who reported some small site edits he needed. He's super detail-oriented and anal enough I knew he'd notice if I still hadn't done them. So I did it, which took like 30 minutes.

I'm insane.

My schedule is looking to change soon in terms of when I can get my work done but nights like tonight... ack!
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post traumatic stress

pretty much immediately after my post last night, i had a huge anxiety attack and thought i was going to die or something. i pretty much felt horrendous all today. late afternoon i got into an email discussion with my friend mercredi that although helpful was nevertheless depressing. i feel so drained after the past 24 hours, just like when you've fought and cried for a long time and you're just in the aftermath of it, exhausted emotionally. i'm also just plain exhausted so it's pretty bad. anyway, after work i went straight to decatur and got a haircut -- i thought doing something self-indulgent would be nice considering i've determined i give other people way too much precedence in my life. then i bought hair dye. as soon as i heat up some food (leftover indian i made), i'm having a night of (hopefully) undisturbed non-productivity, dying my hair and watching some videos or tv, play piano maybe. i may work on a story, but i doubt it. i just don't want to produce anything. passivity sounds very appealing about now. just want to melt into the sofa. mmm.

if the phone rings, i'm probably not answering.
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This is me!!!!!

About to wash out this dye and veg out the rest of the night but meanwhile, I've found the most accurate "stupid quiz" yet, at least in terms of what it told me:

You Are A Nail Biter Driver!

Which Kind of Driver Are You?
by Don's Windshield Replacement

He he, please note that I have not driven (except for one single UHaul rentail and two short rides on dirt roads) since early 1996. And when I did drive, I mostly HATED it, was super anal about it and did not think driving was a joy AT ALL.

And now I will rinse my hair. I think some purple red dye is about to run into my eye!
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um, did you notice i dyed my hair?

i think i may officially have my hair the weirdest color yet. at least for me personally. ye gods. i was going for a red with a bit of a freakish exotic redness but... it is RED. like... man, i'll have to take a picture. i think going from blond to this is what makes it so... overWHELMING.

note to self: never go blond again. i tried redying it 3 weeks ago and it had NO effect. now i tried another color and i look like...

i mean i normally have distinctive hair but...

it is really red!

ah, well, at least i can provide my coworkers with some excitement tomorrow.
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