November 14th, 2002

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Let's see here...

To everything there is a season. Today's season is one for random thoughts and happenings of the day...

Verdict on my hair is that it looks pretty darn cool and I should keep it. It's not bothering me so much, as I've decided it will certainly fade out a bit.

My dear friend Mercredi has had a really bad week. Among other things, natural gas line break at her house. Ugh. I want to go to Texas and rescue her.

I just got an email from a co-workers spouse that, via a random connection, was going to give me a chance to go out to Athens to meet up with the people at UGA who taught me web design... only the date of that event is the same as my neighborhood association's party. Call me middle-aged, but the neighborhood party is more important to me.

Watched an old "X Files" tonight, the one with the Chucacabra (sp?) Mexican guy with that enzyme that basically trigers fungal growth in anything/anyone he touches. Yucky stuff but I liked that one.

Got hooked up with email list for all the folks coordinating Grissecon, the Wraeththu convention next year in England. Actually now it's Grissecon / Fantasycon since the thing has been fused with the annual con for the British Fantasy Society. Should be a pretty grand event... and today I found out I am in charge of U.S. publicity?!

My diet / no more being a pig thing is working. I keep being hungry. Most of what I've eaten this week has been salad, rice-based Indian food and caffeinated chocolate-enhanced beverages. Tomorrow I'll use the scale. I bet it's down like 3 or 4 pounds. My pants will soon be out of danger :)
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