November 15th, 2002


Such a good friend

My supervisor is always remarking on how I'm "such a good friend" to Caleb. Sometimes I feel like what I really do is walk around with a "Kick Me" sign on my back but neverthelesss, here are two nice things I did just yesterday, as a demo...

Towards the end of the day, he called me telling me how he'd be going to breakfast with (the very famous newurbanist planner) Andre Duany this morning. That was great news, but then he said he'd be working really late and would need a white dress shirt in the morning. Since he only has one such shirt and it's dirty and he doesn't have a washer/dryer... could I drop by his place after work and grab it, then wash it so he could pick it up later? I get off the bus right by his house anyway so I said yes. And washed it. And when he came by at 10, it was dry. I'd really like to know when he's buying his washer/dryer.

Just about midnight, he called me again. As soon as he started talking, I knew it was favor time. He needed to get up really early so he could have breakfast with Duany. Since his (wind-up) alarm clock hasn't work in three days and he has no other way to wake up... could I call him? I've done this is the past so I was like, "OK, I get up at 7:15, want me to call as soon as I'm up?" Well, no actually he needed me to call at 6:15. I thought that was rather a pain, me having to set my alarm an hour early, but he said, "Oh, just wake up, call my number, fall back asleep." Hmmmph. Well, as usual this made for an anxious night; I kept waking up worried I'd miss HIS alarm and HE wouldn't get up on time. Finally 6:15 came around... or should I say 6:12. I awoke to my phone ringing. "I'm awake, you don't have to get up." Doh! I don't think I fell back asleep :(

I've still never seen (UK) Queer as Folk, but based on Cesare's fan fic, I think I am Vince.

Oh, and meanwhile, a weird news item to entertain y'all:

Customer: Fast-food, toilets don't mix
LOL, no kidding...
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Deutschland Pics, Pt. 1

This morning my friend Marja sent me her pictures from when Caleb and I were over in Germany. She's a professional photographer and it shows. It'll take a couple LJ posts to do it, but I want to post some of my favorites here.

Here is a teaser, showing us with Ellie at the huge Kaiser monument in Dortmund :)

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Proof that I can be oblivious

I'm writing a Wraeththu fan fic about a human hermaphrodite baby, getting pretty heavy, and meanwhile I just noticed I've got my VH1 radio player doing Grandmaster Flash "Whitelines (Don't Do It)." Before that was Wham! LOL, I'm thinking I may have to change the music soon, this is supposed to be serious but... Gah! What's coming on now? Given that it's the 80s channel, probably not going to be appropriate either ...