November 18th, 2002

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Gripey writerly stuff

I just wrote this out in an email to Storm and thought it was appropriate to share...

I am scheduled to "present" at a writer's group meeting this Wednesday and only realized it today (I thought it was the week after maybe... oops), which put me a in a panic, since I wanted to deliver a new chapter to them. I'd got about half way through it but... ACK! I'm supposed to actually distribute the thing prior to the meeting so people can read it in advance, so I basically just said down and said, "OK, either you finish it NOW or you only send half a chapter." Luckily I had nothing "to do" so I put on my music and lit candles (now making me headachey) and wrote the damn thing. Ugh! I swear, I can more and more appreciate why and how writing original fiction is very different from anything else I've done, whether it's essays or articles or fan fiction or poetry. I really almost hate it, which is a strange feeling, but when you're sort of scrabbling in the dark and the thing is staring at you taunting you with "I DARE you to add the next sentence!" you eventually just want to maybe do something violent. LOL. At least sometimes. Hopefully, though I can do what my brother (also a writer) says and just get the darn thing out so I can write a really *good* story later.
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Top 10 Signs Winter* Has Arrived in the South

Hey, this morning I was feeling Dave Lettermanish and made up this Top 10 List. I am proud to say, I am not making this up, this is based on 6 years' experience :)

Top 10 Signs Winter* Has Arrived in the South

10. Every time you come inside or go outside, somebody has to say "Damn, it's a cold one!"
9. Boiled Custard appears in supermarket dairy aisles
8. Extra thick weaves
7. Guys in ski masks
6. Kiddies in snowsuits
5. Huge, thick down jackets
4. Southern girls in miniskirts freezing for fashion
3. Southern girls (and even guys) wearing earmuffs... but no coats
2. Chitlins go on sale for the holidays
1. Government issues health warnings on chitlins

* Winter as defined by the fact that you can leave food on windowsill and it'll keep cool. It's not actually freezing or snowing, however. Typical "winter" temp is 45 or 50 degrees.