November 19th, 2002

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Time troubles

The way I've been feeling lately, I wish I knew of somebody doing some sort of study on sleep deprivation and its affect on mood. I don't exactly have insomnia, but I never get to bed when I should and after a month of being stuck in a bad pattern, I swear I'm starting to go mental. I keep having that confusing combo of anxiety and depression, so on the one hand I'll be super agitated for "no reason" and then on the other hand, I feel like crying and laying in bed, although I don't actually do either. Last night, after poor planning caused me to stay up very late once again, it took me a long time to fall asleep -- normally never the case -- because I was having such anxiety, plus my brain was flipping out with very VERY strange visions related to Storm Constantine, like words and images going at super high speed. I felt like my body was full of snakes who'd had too much caffeinne. Ugh. I really REALLY have to do something about this! Tonight I plan on going to Miss Q's for the weekly Outworlders' Buffy night -- haven't been social enough -- and then coming home and just letting myself crash by 11. That's IT.

Oh, and on a more positive note, I actually got to work on time today, as I'm also sick of being late, even if nobody even knows or cares. I don't know how or why -- just determined for certian -- but it takes me 40 minutes from leaving my unit until I get to my work. My commute consists of stopping by the local coffee joint and walking in about 1 1/2 miles. My walk is about 25 minutes, so I guess it just takes me longer to get my coffee than I thought it does. The fact that I left at 8:20 and arrived at 9 does explain why I've been arriving at 9:25 or 9:30 for so long -- I'd been leaving at 8:40. Ugh....
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Every Day is Like Tuesday

I am having such a Morrissey moment...

Pardon me while I yodel...

Ever feel like
You are slowly dying?

Every moment is
Of course
Another moment closer
To death

But sometimes
La la la
Oh oh oh
Your moments come
More quickly
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fed up fed up fed up

somedays i really really really wish i could make my supervisor just SHUT UP.

anybody who is more annoying to listen to than my parents...





help me, god, speed time up, let me escape her!

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