November 20th, 2002

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Corporate tag team

Now here's a gimmick:

Hanes Undershirts Go Tagless

I admit I went to this site because I saw an ad on web site and was curious.

Speaking of curious, is there anyone out there who has ever actually had a problem with a tag on a undershirt ot T-shirt? Like... I've never felt one. A very few times I've had a tag show, but it's not a hassle.

But I forget, and Hanes remembered, that products always have to improve, there must always be something "different," growth, all that, or else the companies' efficiencies will stop producing their profit gains.

I am bad at economic stuff but I understand that :)
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Viral marketing

I've been at work an hour and a quarter and in that time, my computer has intercepted 20 virus emails. Ugh. They all come through the mails to the web site I manage. The evil virus and spam robots get the address off the web site. It sucks. The email needs to be on there but... GAAAAH!