November 24th, 2002

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On a positive note...

With cracicotus telling me that malibran says I complain too much, this post is dedicated to me NOT complaining but focusing on the positive things. I did, after all, have a pretty decent weekend, maybe even more than decent, actually enjoyable and non-stressful.

Friday night, went out to Blank Stage, a new small theater set up on the third floor of a building about two blocks from my house. The place launched a few weeks ago as a venue for Friday night improv and sketch comedy, among other things. After getting to know Brent, the artistic director, who's gone around the neighborhood drumming up enthusiasm (with my help, since I advertised it with the neighborhood association), I finally went over and had a good time for myself -- a change for me, har-dee-har-har. Got in free after Brent spotted me at the ticket table, then proceeded to enjoy a good show, with the first half sketch comedy from this group "Waking the Neighbors" (hysterical, as good as / better than Mad TV), the second half the Bric Players doing improv. Improv is pretty amazing to watch, as the player are basically "winging it" but coming up with great routines, games, scenes, etc., and involving the audience. I sat with my neighbors Mark and Patti and we laughed our heads off, serious belly laughs.

More positiveness ensued Saturday. Had my regular Saturday morning coffee with the neighbors, from 10:30 to noonish. While waiting on cracicotusand malibran to finish some home inspection stuff, started cleaning up my place and made a major breakthrough, figuring out I should do the office and bathroom first, since normally I put that last (since I HATE doing it) and thus never get around to it. Finished most of it by the time the boys were done and then had a very nice "Sunday drive" (on a Saturday) with them, going out to DeKalb Farmers Market. I loaded a huge plate at their buffet and couldn't have been more happy with all the yummy things on my plate: Italian meatloaf, vegetarian lasagna, Buffalo wings, couscous, sprouts (3 kinds), mung beans, alfalfa, almonds, sunflower seats, garlic whipped mashed potatoes, squash... and other stuff. Yum! Afterward went around with boys shopping, only real purchases were mineral water (for Caleb's visits), Looza, and sprouted mung beans. I enjoyed the ride back home very much, as malibran drove niiiiice and slow.

After a quick detour to Home Depot and then me helping Caleb bring stuff up to his house, we all split up to go our separate ways, at least for a while. One thing I know I did was drop in to the weekly Wraeththu / Storm Constantine chat group and chat for probably an hour and a half.

Finally that night Caleb and I had a very nice evening going up to Midtown (on the 10 bus) and shopping various places, either just browsing or finding a few gifts. The weather was nice and both of us were in a good mood. Eventually we utilized the power of my mobile to call Baroanda, our favorite restaurant, to order a pizza for pick up. We walked up there just as the Fox crowd was getting out, so lots of people dressed up and making the area look Sophisticated. Got our pizza and took it home from North Avenue on the train. We ate it at Caleb's while watching probably the first half hour of "Evita" starring Madonna.

Today was also a good day. I basically spent half the day (until around 2) cleaning up my place really, really well, and in between, reading, checking stuff online, dancing around the living room, etc. Then Caleb called me to come over so we could go to Lenox (for those out of town, a wonderful mall). I went over and we ate ratatouille on his terrace. Took the train up to Lenox and discovered in the 3 months since we were last there, the place has gotten a lot of new stores. Also discovered all the fashions we saw in Germany in September have migrated over here. We had a load of fun going around places, especially since we weren't in a rush, compared to normal, when we show up an hour before mall closing. As for buying stuff, I actually only got a wind-up alarm clock, while Caleb got some vanilla aroma at Body Shop. We did a lot of browsing though.

Finally, after all that shopping, we split up to do our own quiet things. I used my time tonight to bake two German style yeast cakes, one a butter-and-sugar cake, one a Pfaumkuchen (plum cake) and (on the other end of the domestic spectrum) write up a draft of the contract I'm going to be started up with Central Atlanta Progress. I have a meeting on it tomorrow at 8:30 so I wanted to have something written up for their review. Both contract and cake were quite fat.

I'm sure I'll find things to bitch about later on this week, but the weekend at least was a good time.