November 27th, 2002

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Drawn-out night

So after a couple hours over at Miss Q's for weekly hang-out-with-friends-and-watch-Buffy time, once the show's been over around 10 minutes, I go out to catch the 27 bus. Last week, when I had a ride taking me with them for pizza, it came at 9:20, so although the time before that it came around 9:35, I was thinking it might be earlier than I thought and I'd be home soon. Well... wrong! Didn't come until 10:05 or something ridiculous, so apparently one bus that was supposed to come didn't. Meanwhile MARTA has to torment me by runnig not one but two "SPECIAL" buses that ran right past me, empty, as bus drivers test drove the new buses. Aaaargh! I got so bored I was playing with my mobile, doing MapQuest, playing with various functions. Finally I got Caleb on the phone and he entertained me by being able to describe all the houses around me based on my location -- a "new game" he wants us to play in future. Finally the bus came and after the 10+ minutes to North Avenue and the train, it was 10:47 before I got home. Egad!

So after that... the insane part starts. (Yeah, I know, insane part is not having a car but I swear, that 27 BULLSHIT stuff isn't a regular thing.) So I get home and my dear friend malibran has just closed on his new condo ONE BLOCK AWAY from my building and he and Caleb are over there having Chinese takeout. Can I bring over something to drink and some cups? And see the place? Sure! I run over, Caleb lets me up (they think he lives there... just like he "lives" with me, so the guards think) and I get to see the new place. It's very nice and Daniel and his cat Pugsley seem to belong there. It has a great, great view of activity on Marietta Street, plus the Metropolitan (where Caleb and I lived for three years) and 2 Peachtree Street tower (where I worked for two years). I like the place a lot. Yay! Caleb seemed quite giddy to know Daniel will be around, right here now.

Wrapping up my night, after missing all that damn time waiting for the bus, I decided to waste time, stay up late, etc., but taking care of some vital emails and working on the neighborhood web site, in particular the new bulletin board system. That site is going to rock the house when I'm done with it. Can't wait to finish...

Now bedtime. One more of day b4 Thansksgiving here I come!
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Um, any of you get to listen to co-workers talk about how they're going to charge $10,000 to their credit card this month to earn Delta SkyMiles, then complaining that the charge company won't up their limit? "I pay it off every month but I keep on doing big charges to earn miles." Jeezis!" So this rich guy is trying to get free airfare so he spends a lot of money. Boggles my mind.
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