December 1st, 2002

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you go, sen. jeffords!

seems sen. jim jeffords of vermont was picked to provide the counterpoint to bush's weekly radio address this week. it was the first time an "independent" gave that, although back when he was a republican, he gave counterpoint to clinton :) anyway, jeffords' message was all about bush and his despicable environmental policies. to check out the story, see: Jeffords blasts Bush on environment

oh, and to see his words against war in iraq, see his web site: Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords,
Senate Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force Against Iraq, 10/8/02
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Religion bankrupt?

The rest of the country may not be paying attention to the scandal gripping anymore but...

Archdiocese weighs bankruptcy filing

Yup, that's right, the Boston archdiose is considering filling Chapter 11 to keep people from filing any additional suits while they meanwhile reorganize (and probably wait for people to stop being, well, gosh, maybe INCREDIBLE FUCKING PISSED AT THEM?).