December 3rd, 2002

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Negative / positive

Although last night I had a whole thing with Caleb about me being "negative," I have to say right here, at the outset of this bright shiny day, that I am pretty sure today is going to suck.

In the meantime there is at least one thing I can hold up as positive "Yay, did something good at least." Last night I set up a CGI-driven online photo database in like 25 minutes. In a serious miracle, I did not encounter any of the usual "permissions" or "UNIX/Windows line break" problems I almost always run into. (And if you know what I'm talking about, you'll agree, these are the bane of such endeavors, at least when the script is pre-packaged.) I still need to pre-process the actual pictures , but for now you can view a demo of this system, with a few catagories worth of quickly processed pics) at:
Downtown Photos Database.
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Daniel Buys His House... and the drama therein

My friend malibran has the funniest posts about his adventures buying a condo (one block from me, yay!!!)

God, you think you want a home and yeah, it's cool but HOLY SHIT it is the biggest drama ever! Told with humor, check the two-part story:

Daniel's Mortgage Aventure Part 1

Daniel's Mortgage Adventure Part 2

Anybody who has done this will find themselves having deja vu (or maybe, if you're lucky, a "Thank goodness that didn't happen me!!!!") and those who haven't... well, it's a warning.
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