December 4th, 2002

ice cream

Weather hysteria, oh my!

In Massachuetts they get hysterical over "weather." I don't deny it. Still, the fact that sleet is provoking non-stop office discussion (people planning on leaving at 2 p.m.) and all the local newspapers, TV news and web sites are dominated by headlines like "Most area schools are staying open" (like there is some question)... Well, it prompts smugness.

No matter if it's up north or here, I find weather hysteria just plain annoying. My mom and I always used to joke about the reporters they used to send out in the middle of storms (snow or ice or hurricanes) who'd have to stand there getting swamped by huge ocean waves, buried in snow or (much more likely!) standing around flapping there arms going "Well, it's OK now, but I just noticed a slight increase in winds... it COULD be coming..." (wait wait, close up on non-storm-related whitecap) "Weather in New England -- dramatic. The drama could be yet to come." Aaaargh! I always worried about the reporters they'd send to the highway shoulder -- isn't that DANGEROUS given than we're talking about bad weather and high-speed travel?

Atlanta has the same problem except it's even more hemming and hawing and WORRYING FOR NOTHING! Atlanta's weather is so bland (all the storms seem to avoid us) I swear I like the bad spells. We had a GREAT ice storm about three years ago! Even better when you live where the power lines are buried underground...