December 10th, 2002

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Chic Pics

A couple of pictures from my trip:

Chicago, as seen from Hancock tower, 95th floor

I thought it was so cool how you could see the shadows on the ocean... er, I mean "lake"

It was so fun, I will do it again in spring maybe. We got a hotel one block off Michigan Ave. that was cheap w/o issues, so what the heck. Now I just have to find a place in NYC similar and maybe I can go back there after six years -- haven't been back since the day I left on a Greyhound bus, thus ending two months of extreme fun living on Manhattan.
sideview, obamame_sideview

High-Fat Daydreams

Sign I am on a diet or at least aware there is a change of eating habits in my near future:

The other day I was at work and caught myself daydreaming about mashed potatoes and gravy. Today it was cheese omelette. What's next? Glazed hame with pineapple?

It's annoying but on the other hand, I like my clothes way too much to not be able to fit into them -- eep!


German food and diety is good in Germany and you won't gain weight THERE (as you hike and bike) but try it here and WHOOMP! it piles on quickly.
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