December 17th, 2002

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i am so tired. it's only 9:15. how am i going to stay awake all day?

i even went to bed at midnight. this getting up when it's dark thing always gets me. even if it's only 7, which isn't that early, i hate the darkness. it throws me off. i am so sleepy my eyes keep crossing. it's just like when i used to take the schoolbus to high school and would spend the whole ride trying not to fall asleep.
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Everybody Knows It's Wendy

Wow, this is more information than even I ever wanted to know about my name!

The History of Wendy (Darling)

I've already written to before. I seem to recall the webmaster saying that actually there are several people who come up in searches for the name Wendy Darling. So I'm not the only one. Maybe the only one in the state or the Southweast but not the only one.
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Presidential musings

So from following the news, I see that three Democrats from New England are considering running for president. Although I am thrilled with as a concept, it's depressing because I don't think any of them have a shot since it seems apparent this country only ever wants Southerners to be president or head up Congress. I've heard pundits say no Yankee could ever be elected president again, whereas Southerners are supposed to be universally appealing. Another reason to get depressed with this is that one of the prospective candidates, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, doesn't have a PRAYER because, oh no, he signed off on their domestic partnership law and therefore is some kind of hideous radical. No way would that get back the "mainstream" of voters. Sen. Kerry has an excellent record pretty much along the lines of Kennedy (although Project Vote Smart is currently saying they don't have his info, they used to) so that's good. I bet my dad is having a fit about that. Meanwhile Lieberman is also considering. Hmmmm...