December 18th, 2002

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Warning: There May Be Porn On Your Computer!

OK, so I laugh about those little pop-ups warning me about porn on my comptuer (um, I write and read slash, so no duuuuh!) but poking through my My Documents folder just now, I found a bit I didn't even know about. This has to be something my friend Kristina wrote...

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Now that malibran has got me thinking about it, I'm considering male singers whose voices I really like. I must admit I have a bit of a problem distinguish between their actual voices and their british accents, since a lot of my favorites have them, but overall I think some of my favorites, just for pop & rock, would be...

Some people do not appreciate it, but his voice was pretty good, esp. for a Southern truckdriver, he he. Not operatic or anything (although he tried that to a lot of success on things like "It's Now Or Never") but a lot more than just a little rockabilly voice like some of his contemporaries.

Roy Orbison
Now Roy was a comtemporary of Elvis whose voice is kind of in a class by itself. He did this quavering thing on purpose a lot of the time and couple it with these sobby operatic climaxes that made you go "Whoah, a second ago he sounded like some Southern guy with a guitar, now he's this super-angsty man wailing..." I really like him in "It's Over" and "In Dreams." (Note/caveat: I *hate* the song "Pretty Woman." It's up there with "Chantilly Lace" as a song that is just too frickin' sexist for me to deal with.)

Art Garfunkel
Some people can't tell the difference between Simon and Garfunkel but I can and I'd have to say Garfunkel may not have done the songs, but his voice is pretty. I have to admire a guy who sings higher than I do, just so sweet and tender, it's one of those "Wow, how does a guy get off singing like that?" I think Martin Gore probably admires him in some way.

David Bowie
I like Bowie on a lot of fronts, but one of them is that to me, his voice is very versatile, which of course is necessary but just in general cool. I think probably it's not a great voice or anything but the versatility of it, especialy the lightness versus the deep voice he does sometimes, appeals to me. It's very gender bending to me.

Freddie Mercury
Queen was the first band I ever really knew about, as it was my sister's fav band in the late 70s, and I just always was wowed by his voice. I want to say it's "piercing" only it's not very high it's just very hard, sort of penetrating like a laser. God, and I love the dramatics of things like "Under Pressure" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Blixa Bargeld
This is the guy from Einstuenzende Neubaten (and other German industrial endeavors). His voice is crazzzy. It's probably the only voice I like this is actually UGLY but hell, it is definitely unique. Of course, I still wish to hell I understood everything he's saying (I don't) but even without that, his delivery is just f'in awesome.

David Gahan (and some sound-alikes)
Even if it's just the mic (as malibran and I have been discussing on his LJ) David Gahan (Depeche Mode's frontman, FYI) has a great voice that goes from whispering to fierce nhahaha bitterness to soaring ballad stuff and except for a few spots where his voice was suffering from heroine or whatever ("Songs of Faith and Devotion LIVE"), it's really, really nice. I like his phrasing a lot -- probably that makes a lot of it, the way he expresses things, making the words have more meaning. Re soundalikes, I mean the singers from Cause & Effect and Red Flag -- they are pretty similar and I enjoy them as well.

At this point I'm getting a little tired of thinking about each and every voice. There are a bunch of singers from the 80s (and beyond) that I like a lot but I don't know if their voices are really so great. Like Morrissey... what IS that? I love it but it he has that throat warbling thing like Enrique, so I don't know. Other singers voices are more for their mood, like Robert Smith despairing (or in some moments cheery) or whatever.

Got to go to lunch now anyway.

P.S. I know you're asking, what about Ja Rule? LOL.
P.P.S. No, I'm certainly not no voice expert, this is bare laymen's eval.
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I'm a designer not a f'n DBA! (sorry, geek rant!)

You know, somehow I feel my day has been wasted. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been basically opening up huge archived log files and noting the dates on them, then deciding which ones we can toss? Right now I just cracked up a 300 MB log file... whoah, talk about large... and messed up. If I had my way, these'd all get nuked but my boss keeps saying "Oh, we might NEEEEED one." He's such a pack rat in real life, not surprising he's making us hold on to digital junk well. Sigh. Well, back to my 300 MBer...
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Now that I've considered male voices...

If I could sing like any female singer, it would probably be Sinead O'Connor. I guess just without the accent. Actually I can sing several of her songs quite well, as she's not singing out of my range, but hell of course she is better -- especially since she can do retakes to eliminate squeeks and stray off notes :)

I like Judy Garland as well, though that sort of voice just doesn't seem to exist outside of musicals really. It's just so damn LOUD!

Yeah, there are others I like, but for wanting to sound like them, Sineah is it. A lot of women are just impossible to understand or whiney sounding.

Bjork is a unique case of course.
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Idleness? Me? Yeah...

You know, I have a very harried life, perhaps far too harried. Tonight I experienced what I think must be a fairly normal night. It could be a normal for me too if I normally weren't always working on huge projects, either paid or volunteer, absolutely tied up with client issues or designing or coding or making edits or what have you, and on top of that the neighborhood work and writing and everything else. I often rush home from work every day to do more work -- ugh!

Anyway, tonight was different. I left a little late and decided to walk, though the bus is my usual way, after walking in. I was having fun constructing the next chapter of my book and then I got to Centennial Olympic Park and rather than walking by like I normally do, I decided to go look at all the Christmas lights. I keep saying every night, when I see them out Caleb's window, "Oh, I want to go see the lights tonight!" but I never do. A couple of years ago I didn't go to the park the whole entire time the lights were up -- over a month -- because I was just too busy and wrapped up in other stuff to go over there, just a couple blocks from home. But tonight I went in, it was pretty naturally and I enjoyed it.

I came home and wow, while dealing with some petty annoyances like voicemail and my network connection being down, I started up dinner of mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and corn. Then around 8, I started working. It was so relaxing and nice to start writing at a regular hour, rather than at 11:30 at night or LATER, which I often do. Caleb came by to drop off some laundry but I didn't mind. I did so some work a couple of times while writing, like taking a call from Interland tech support on a very weird problem I've been having with one domain, then I went and posted some feedback praising the heck out of the support person. After that I decided I'd done the first bit of the chapter, fine for the night and wow, it was only 10. So what did I do? I decided to wrap some presents! And watch Amadeus!

This is good. I work too damn much. January is going to be a busy month for me but hopefully I can remember to experience normal everyday homelife, at least now and then.
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