December 20th, 2002

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Hourglass --> Stick

Seems a group of researchers studied the last 50 years of Playboy and studied the changing shape of American centerfolds. They basically proved everything I've ever heard (especially in the "Images of Women" class I took) about how more and more, female models are moving away from shapely "hourglass" figures and more towards adrogynous shape. Waists are getting bigger, hips are getting smaller, busts are smaller (though not too small, it's Playboy, after all). I could probably at this point write whole essay on the background that's produced this change, how it does or does not tie in to other phenomena in our culture, how Playboy's images of women compare to those on MTV, etc., but for now let me just offer the link and see if anyone else has comments:

Playboy models' shrinking feeling
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Looking back

Where was I at 10 years ago?

Somehow walking in to work today, this line of thought occured to me: Where was I at 10 years ago? What was I doing? What were my future plans? Who was I friends with? What was life like way back then... in Dec. 1992?!

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