December 23rd, 2002

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up in new england

so i'm up in massachusetts, enjoying full and comletely immersion in my family as well as new england in general.

yesterday sucked as it was my travel day. realized only too late that my plane wasn't leaving at 11, it was leaving at 8:30. it was 8:30 on the nose when i realized this. had to get a biz class seat for a 12:50 flight; cost me as much as the original ticket. yada yada yada... yeah, you know how fun airports are on holidays and how slow things can be. the only thing that really helped was that i had a good book, which kept me distracted and which i had nearly finished by the time the commuter rail arrived in andover.

notable experiences since arriving here...

trip to demoulas/marketbasket was very enjoyable as usual - got to hear a lot of towny new england accents and purchase new england specific food like moxie (they even sell DIET moxie at demoulas!) and coffee syrup (this is special syrup you add to milk to make coffee milk).

my parents are getting to be even more amusing due to the fact that not only do they have their whole old people bickering and dickering, but my mom is more deaf and so'd my dad, so they're forever misunderstanding one another. oh, and did i mention, they half fall asleep while talking?

today i met my nephew owen for the first time. he is very ALERT with wide eyes. a happy baby and he enjoys his aunt wendy :)

that's about all i feel like writing out for now. i keep thinking of stuff all day to put in lj but at this point my eyes are glazing over and i'm thinking bed sounds like a good idea. it's only 11 but since it gets dark at like 3:45 here (!!!!!) i feel like it's 2 a.m. or something.
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