December 24th, 2002

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beat up by the gangs

just got back from seeing "gangs of new york" with my brother tom and his wife cathy. i think my reaction can pretty much be summed up by one word:


gangs was pretty much one of those movies where you think from seeing flashes that it could be great, it's got great actors, there's the whole period setting, the theme of it seems like it could have a lot of depth... and yet when you actualy see it you're just socked with a ton of bloody violence. and it's not that i can't enjoy a violent movie, i'm just saying in this case, that's all there seemed to be. i kept thinking "damn, that martin scorcese is a sick bastard!" plot was a muddle, i was wincing and looking away way too much and there wasn't any happy little place where you could root for someone. everybody was pretty much busy canibalizing and thieving and killing. yeah, great choreography and montage, mr. scorcese, but it just was not enough. i feel brutalized. time for more fruitcake i guess.

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all i got for christmas...

i think i've figured out why i always feel short-changed at christmas -- and i don't just mean the being an adult thing. i finally realized that being a single person is what's biting me. now somebody like my sister betty buys a present and it's for her and her family, which is her, her husband and two kids. they can give me *one* present. meanwhile i have to get a present for each of them. sometimes i can get a couple a joint gift but basically while i end up buying like 16 gifts, i only get like 7 back.

but enough whining, i got a couple of noteworthy gifts from family this year... fact is, the list is short enough i can put it here:

small time operator... an independent biz book my brother says is great

a book on running an independent graphic design or web design shop... from mom

bag of body shops creams that have smells i like (olives)... from betty, who threw in some "barely used" hemp skin moisturizer

chocolate covered espresso beans... :) from mom & dad

and my FAVORITE gift, the extremely wacky 1947 movie "bill and coo," a one hour novelty film with a cast of BIRDS! we're talking a whole tiny set of a town with birds as towns people wearing little suits, riding the trolley, walking up and down streets... *g* i watched part of it tonight. i can't wait to watch that with caleb and daniel :)

oh, and in case anyone wonders how i got my presnets already, we do it christmas eve. tradition going back decades. german thing. on christmas day we do nothing.
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