December 31st, 2002

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Tripping on a memory

Isn't it odd how sometimes you're working and the oddest, most random memories pop into your head?

I was just doing something completely tedious, removing bits of codes from a bunch of pages, when I remembered the time I walked Central Park top to bottom -- six years ago.

Specifically, I remembered the specific detail of going up a path on the Harlem end, way up top, into some woods. I was going up a hill and I knew there was this guy and his dog ahead of me. Well, I came to the top and the guy was there suddenly lighting firecrackers on the ground, apparently to scare the dog. I think he was lighting a fire too. Didn't seem like a big deal, the dog was going to recover, the park's still there, so I don't feel bad I walked on.

Proof of the power of recall, I also remember that day, also way, way up top in the disused portions of the park, finding a formal garden that had been donated by the Rockefellers (pretty sure it was them, though maybe it was the Vanderbilts). The garden had a huge wrought iron type gate that used to stand in front of the family mansion or something. I remember there was a long bower or trellis around the garden and I sat there reading "Age of Missing Information" for a while. There was also a bathroom there, one of those wonderful little buildings they used to like to build for parks, and although it looked nice from the outside, inside it was a bit iffy. Just like the bathroom at Washington Square Park, the toilet paper rolls hung down from big steel chains and there was only one stall with a door. There was a mother and her daughter in there debating whether to use the toilet.

I'm happy my brain holds onto this stuff, however pointless it is.
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Give me fic!

I have to say, being in a really small fandom for fanfic does have its disadvantages. For me, I have to say that however high quality Wraeththu fan fic tends to be, it's very frustrating when there are only a couple new things to read a month. Granted, we do have spurts where the are more but often that's it. Methinks that soon, very soon, I will be driven to energize the scene a bit by doing another mini-series. Aside from that though, that's all there is, as I'm not terribly interested in any VC anything and don't know what on earth else I'd read unless it was something where I only knew the fanfic, not the story, e.g. thebratqueen's various fic, which I've sampled but is kind of overwhelming (where do I start?) or almostnever's Queer as Folk, which every time I check seems to have sprouted another volume. Now that I think of it, that could be a plan :) I still want Wraeththu fic though.
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Off to pahty!

I'm about to go to a NYE's party. I am SO nervous. I've changed my clothes like 10 times. I am worried I won't be able to find it, that I don't/won't know anyone, that I'm dressed wrong, that I won't be able to get home... gah! Keeping my fingers crossed, I'm leaving. Being paranoid and not having been to this place, I'll leave the address as 1145 Avondale Ave. and the name of the person whose party it is as Candie Lace (I think there should be quotes around that, but that's what she says, so who knows).