January 3rd, 2003

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Am I missing something?

I'm far from believing that group really produced a baby through cloning and although I've been happy to see the media retaining that same skepticism, it seems to me that some journalists need to bone up on some pretty obvious bits of science.

Witness this, from an Asssociated Press story (see http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/news/science/0103/03clone.html for full):

The parents of a newborn claimed to be the world's first cloned human are balking on whether to allow DNA testing on the child, said the head of the cloning company that says it brought the baby to life...

But "the parents told me that they needed 48 hours to decide yes or no -- if they would do it," Brigitte Boisselier told French television station France-2 in an interview Thursday.

Now maybe somebody with a science degree or just more knowledgeable can correct me, but isn't it true that if your baby is CLONED, then it doesn't have PARENTS, it has a PARENT, like singular?

At least if you're talking about the kind of cloning this is supposed to be, what you have is a mother's egg where the regular one-parent genetic "insides" are scooped out an the DNA from the mother (or the father... I guess) is put in there instead, so that the embryo that develops has the genetic material from just one person and it's not a mix of egg genetic material plus sperm genetic material. The only way a cloned egg would have two parents is if the egg was cloned using tissues from a child of the parents, like they cloned another child or even a dead child.

Hmmm, how much do I NOT want to think about this...?
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Hey Jude

The last couple of days, I've been listening to all my Beatles albums. Damn, there is almost no one that ever was as good as that. Sometimes I have to just lay off listening for a while -- I was at once time a serious, serious Beatlemanic -- in order to appreciate truly them. Today at work I brought in Past Masters II, their singles from 1966 to Breakup and it is really getting to me just how fantastic it all is.

Particular songs are really getting to me, especially "Hey Jude," which is just about as classic and perfect as you can get. There are just so many amazing things about that song, from the length (7 minutes that go by too quickly), to the way the voice and instrumentation builds and builds, to that amazing chorus that just goes on and on. The message of the song is another thing altogether -- just brilliant how at first it's a song that seems to be a pep talk but then it becomes this whole huge affirmation of life for everyone, not just "Jude." Ever heard of a cover of this song? I haven't. People cover Beatles songs, sure -- "Yesterday" is the most recorded song in history! -- but not that one. There's a reason nobody would even try and it's because it's a song absolutely unique to that moment, that band, and pulling it into another context just would not work.
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Sushi tonight!

I think I'm going out for sushi tonight. I am giddy. I wish so bad somebody had forced me to eat sushi years ago but no, I had to resist due to my dislike of fish. Somebody should have told me it doesn't take anything like fish, even stuff with fish in it. It is just so, so, so yummy. Ironically, Caleb doesn't like it and he's the fisheater. I can't wait!
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Wiebke gets translated into Chinese?

Now here's a new one. Some Chinese girl just emailed me asking if she could translate my Vampire Chronicles fan fic into Chinese to share with her friends who don't know enough English to read them. This begs the question: How the hell does that get through the censors? He he. No serious, I'm thinking about the request...
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