January 4th, 2003

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Wiebke's run at the Internationl Farmer's Market

Went to the market today to stock up on yet more food for yummy healthy dinners, part of my new healthy and lifestyle change. I tend to cook all kinds of ethnic food and today I was stocking up mainly on things to use in Chinese and Indian cooking (um, plus European cookies for my Valentine's party). And since I have my receipt handy, I'm sort of thinking hey, Collapse )
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Very satisfactory Saturday

Today was a good day. I didn't "get done" a lot of the stuff I typically want to, like stuff to do with my brain (writing, business stuff, web design) or cleaning, but I did some good for my fellows, had a good lunch, bought good food, had good dinner, good chat.

Started out early this morning and after being online a bit and getting dressed, biked over to the Old Fourth Ward (in 20 degree weather) to volunteer on a tree-planting project for Trees Atlanta, working with mainly neighbors to put in about 60 street trees. After an initial training, we all headed out to two streets and went to work diggging the holes, setting in the trees, watering and mulching. In a couple of hours Caleb and I had planted 5 trees and all the other trees were in as well, so now a neighborhood will have more shade. Both of us had fun and felt good afterward from doing that physical work and knowing we had done something for other people, not ourselves.

After that work we'd worked up a hunger and biked on over to Roman Lily, over by the PATH, Jake's, etc. I've wanted to go there ever since it opened 5 YEARS AGO (waitress told us they just had their anniversary) but had had bad luck, always heading over there during the menu redo weeks or days they were closed. Anyway, the place was very "edgy" with a lovely lovely dyke cook/waitress and the most wonderful vegie burger sandwich -- not a garden burger but almost more a thick pancake made with hummus. Delish mashed potatoes too.

Now full of yummy food, Caleb and I biked on down to the Curb Market, where at one produce stall I got zucchini, giant scallions, cherries, a pomegranate, spinach and onions for only $11 while Caleb got some Italian staples. After that we had a detour (which annoyed me) so Caleb could buy Silk (fancy soy milk) at the City Hall Kroger.

Went out separate ways for a bit but then we did more food shopping, this time at Interntional Farmer's Market up in Chamblee (see previous entry for what I go). I love that place. Love the DeKalb F.M. too but the one in Chambleee is wilder too me, more of a world market with more exotic stuff and definitely way more Asian stuff and very specialized stuff. On the way home MARTA was full of Germans and so overall we felt very multicultured today.

Right away I put the food away, but then I did the weekly Wraeththu chat thing for a while, had a bit of fun. Got hungry and made nice Indain soup involving turmeric, coriander, coconut, coconut milk, green peppers, onion, carrot, tomatoes,diced potatoes and various and sundry items. I love coconut.

Now I'm drifting, taking care of business. Probably will do that tomorrow too but then again, a detour up to Marmi for shoes and/or going to see The Pianist might be in order. We shall see!
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