January 6th, 2003

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Let the punishment fit the crime?

Anyone who knows me personally probably knows I hate water, at least drinking it by itself. People always say to drink all this water a day for health and diet but I just cannot STAND it. Makes me want to PUKE. Even a cup of it makes me think "Yuck!!!!!!!" At a restaurant I will drink it with a meal if it's cold with ice, but otherwise... ew ew ew!

Anyway, today I'm having a medical procedure where it's necessary I have a full bladder. So guess what? I have to drink all this water!!!!! I looked up how much is recommend and it said six glasses two hours before the test. SIX? I have been dreading it all weekend. To me, getting up an hour early (6 a.m.) and gulping down six glasses of water is the definition of a bad Monday. I think I only slept about four hours last night between worrying about it and having a sore throat (which I refused to alleviate with water, since I would be facing enough of it later).

I decided to go find out how much "glasses" are and luckily I found that this is not a universal recommendation and probably glasses are smaller. So far I've drunk four big glasses and I totaly feel like I'm going to puke. Every time I move and even sitting here, my stomach sloshes around with this stuff. I keep burping. I feel like I've given myself an enema the other way and am going to just puke. I swear, I could drink this much Crystal Lite or milk or or juice or soda or a lot of other things, but just plain water is on par with Alka Seltzer Cold or cough syrup.

Right now I just started to feel a little better, maybe because the stuff is draining out of my stomach. Now comes the fun part of filling that bladder. If there isn't a bathroom right next to the exam room I am going to be quite put out!
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It had to happen...

Old Mac, Tandy PCs become collectors items

My first computer, back in 1982, was a TRS-80 with 16K memory. We upgrated to 64K I think. The monitor was an old B&W TV that had been my grandmother's and instead of floppy disks we used a RadioShack cassette tape player with a special cable. The programs we ran came on cartridges; I remember the first word-processing program I used was called Write and didn't even have line-wrap, let alone spell-check. My favorite program was built right in: BASIC. Of all the stuff I wish I could resurrect from that time, it would be BASIC. Sigh. Someday I'll be a collectable too I guess.
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