January 8th, 2003

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Slept 11 hours... still not enough

Well, I got up at 7 today and within like 10 seconds said NOPE, I am NOT going to work today. I had this very strong feeling what I needed was just to go to bed. I sent an email out to my work and went back to bed, sun-proofing myself by positioning blankets over my head. Around 8:30 I guess, my birds woke me up chirping, so I stumbled over to uncover their cage, then went right back to bed. Slept a few hours and had wild, wild dreams. Finally woke up and was fascinated to learn that my entire nose had sealed itself shut. Ew. Didn't look at clock for a while but when I did, it was 11. I worry about missing hours and all this crap but you know, I got my daily "Great Quote to Start Your Day on a Positive Note" and it was "The first wealth is health" (Ralph Waldo Emerson) so that solves that one!
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    "Certain People I Know" by Morrissey... in my head
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Coughing but happy

So tonight I had another long marvelous chat with Storm Constantine. Haven't mentioned it yet in LJ, but she's invited me to come over and visit her in England this May so I can go through first and second level Reiki (link to her school) training and also just hang out and have fun, sightsee and drink and go shopping, he he. Storm's a certified Reiki master/trainer and as such normally such trainig is around $800, about the cost of a RT ticket, only I get the training free, plus I'd be staying with her, no food bills either. So I've taken her up on the offer -- wanted to study Reiki anyway here in Atlanta -- and am VERY excited about it.

But back to the chat, it was marvelous. I was cleaning up my bedorom when she called me over and asked if I'd chat with her and her friend Lou (Eloise) and this other person Taylor who lives in the Midwest somewhere. Started off talking about how both Taylor and I would be visiting for Reiki training, different times, talking about where we might go, what we'd do, then we talked about place names, accents, got into a long thing about Morrissey and the Smiths, then music... must have rifled through like 100 topics eventually.

Couple of highlights of the chat: 1) Me saying I could identify with certain nobody-loves-me Morrissey sounds and Storm saying "The universe is already preparing the love of your life for you, but they need training, coz you are A list, Wend", 2) Storm telling me I've been a better editor for her than many editors she's faced in the actual publishing industry, and 3) Storm telling me she's using the original character Mercredi and I created in a fanfic and putting it the new Wraethhu book she's doing.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my writer's group friends so it's not like I don't have actual people friends, but I do so enjoy these chats with Storm and others, esp. because they're so wide-ranging. I feel like I'm in a coffeehouse or a bar drinking. Actually sometimes we ARE drinking, just not all together. Anyway, now I just have to get my travel agent to hook me up with tickets for Birminham and I'll be set!